3M Retainer For Pre-Filter

Retaining Clip for use with pre-filters

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NIOSH Approved
For Use With The Pre-Filter
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3M Pre-Filter Retainer

The 3M™ Retainer 501, is designed for use with the 3M™ cartridge system where there is a need for added particulate protection, such as in a paint spray booth, or where a cartridge is not sufficient. The 3M 5P71 Prefilter is placed inside the retainer and is attached to a 3M cartridge. This product is reusable but should be replaced when it becomes visibly worn or damaged, or when there is a noticeable change in usage.

Recommended Applications

General Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Assembly and Mechanical, Cleaning, Painting, Facility Maintenance, MRO, Pulp and Paper production.

To be used with the 3M Pre-Filter