Miller Removable Roof Anchor

For Vertical Lifelines and Working at Heights

Temporary use
Reusable while in good condition
Pack of 10 Anchors with Screws

Miller Reusable Roof Anchor

The Miller Roof Anchors are removable and reusable while in good condition, and are used to provide a temporary anchor point for anyone working at heights. These anchors can be used for residential, industrial, and construction applications. The Roof Anchors come complete with ten (10) reusable anchors, D-rings, and screws. These Roof Anchors are approved for use on both wood and metal roofing when used with the proper screws.


Anchor: 14 gauge steel
D-Ring*: Clear Chromate Finished Carbon
  *Meets ASTM fifty-hour salt spray test requirements.
Roofing Screws: #12 2-½ in.
pan head sheet metal screws al Roofing Screws*: #12 2-½ in. TEK self-tapping screws
  *Sheet metal must be a minimum of 20 gauge (0.036-in.)
  thickness and each TEK screw must completely go into a
  structural member (e.g. purlins of Z bar or C bar)